Friday, October 21, 2016

Minetest Snack Vending Machine

Working on a snack vending machine. Comes with: Gum, Cheese Snacks, Chocolate bar, Cookies, Chips and a box of Candy.

Can be used with:
  • default: gold_lump
  • bitchange: mineninth, minecoin
  • currency: minegeld,  minegeld 5, minegeld 10
  • mint: pences, shillings, pounds
  • homedecor: coin
  • more machines: dollar

This is downloadable as part of the More Machines mod. 


Friday, October 7, 2016

Lockers for Minetest

I was working on a school and thought it needed some lockers, so...

     Lockers have 50 inventory. 

They are locked and unlocked.

The lockers can be downloaded as part of the More Machines Mod.


Popcorn Machine for Minetest

Popcorn Machine

The Popcorn machine was originally made as a simple block and was then changed into a machine which could be used with:

default: gold_lump
bitchange: mineninth, minecoin
currency: minegeld,  minegeld 5, minegeld 10
mint: pences, shillings, pounds
homedecor: coin
more machines: dollar

 Popcorn machine being used with a dollar.

Popcorn machine being used with a coin.

Popcorn Inventory images.

The popcorn is placeable.

Ice Cream Freezer and Ice Cream for Minetest

Ice Cream Freezer

Works like the refrigerator in homedecor, obviously there's no ice cream inside. But I did make a few flavor cones to place in it, they can be seen below.


  • Homedecor
  • Food

Ice Cream Freezer placed in a parlor. 

Ice cream cones in the freezer.

Types of flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip & Cookies & Cream

Ice Cream Recipes

Inventory View of Ice Cream Freezer


I made a group of posters which contained various signs and movies.

These are easily added onto the homedecor mod as wall mounted items. It's a lot more fun when you make your own signs and posters. I made mine with the original intention of placing them in a movie theatre. Then it seemed I needed just one more for this or that reason.

Food Additions

Extra Food:  (Food Mod add-ons)

  • Hot Dogs (6 kinds)
  • Hamburger
  • Cheeseburger
  • French Fries
  • Shake
  • Gyros 
  • Pretzels (plain & w/mustard)
  • Pizza (Made this because the farmers mod had errors and the only pizza mod I found depended on the farmers' mod. This pizza is an add-on to basic food.)
Hot dogs: w/chili, w/ketchup, w/mustard and ketchup, w/mustard, plain, w/sauerkraut 

Burgers: Burger & Cheeseburger

French Fries

Dinner Shake



Pizza- Has dough, it also still has a test pizza, which was not placeable. I need to delete that. 
I'd also like to add a variety of pies.

Monk Mod

Monk Mod (Add-on to Peaceful NPC's) 

  • 5 Monks 
  • No jumping behavior at night

Orthodox Icons

Orthodox Icon Pack-