Minetest Schematic & World Shares

đŸ‘‰Note: These are shared files for MINETEST, these are not Minecraft files!

Eiffel Tower

File type: Minetest Schematic


Greenfield - v0.4.6 Minecraft to Minetest

File type: World Share
Minecraft to Minetest Conversion of Greenfield v0.4.6

While not all of the nodes were converted perfectly (rails being the biggest problem) most of it converted well.

The world folder contains about 15 mods, all of which were essential for the conversion, so it's a bit bulky (220.28 MB Zip). The Mcblocks Mod will be included, as it contains the converted Greenfield textures pack made by KristofferAndre and Kre8tiv.

Note: No additions, nor changes were made to the original build, 
nor the converted file, so this is being shared, "AS IS". 

Original Source file: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/greenfield---new-life-size-city-project/

THEJESTR - Owner, Founder and Leader 
56515 - Admin 
denisshtefan - Admin 
NJDaeger - Admin 
Aa60665 - Admin 

ObstrudentHam - Supervisor 
xpowerx5005 - Supervisor
Saiwon2 - Supervisor
Bluecolty - Supervisor 

AustinNDS - Architect 
Agentixc - Architect
1blubberboy1 - Architect
_Danes - Architect