Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Decor

I thought I'd make an animated Christmas tree for #Minetest, though the task is proving a bit more difficult than I thought. 3rd UV-map to png in the works.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Coin Push Game for Minetest

I watched one of my videos from last year for the Minetest Claw game I made and remembered the CoinPush game I had started.  

I only had the skin for the object but hadn't actually made the code for it, so I worked on it this weekend.  It's done and works, I just have to upload it.  Once I do that, I'll post the download link here.

That said, here's the making of the coinpush game where I mumble through ideas and codes 'till it works. ☺



Saturday, January 21, 2017

Greenfield - v0.4.6 Minecraft to Minetest

Screenshot of Greenfield - Minetest Converted World
After a long (few hours) wait and a few kinks along the way, the conversion of Greenfield - v0.4.6 Minecraft to Minetest finally finished.
Processed 67590 / 67600 chunks, ETA 00:00:01 h:m:s
Conversion finished!

While not all of the nodes were converted perfectly (rails being the biggest problem) most of it converted well.

The world folder contains about 15 mods, all of which were essential for the conversion, so it's a bit bulky (220.28 MB Zip). The Mcblocks Mod will be included, as it contains the converted Greenfield textures pack made by KristofferAndre and Kre8tiv.

Note: No additions, nor changes were made to the original build, 
nor the converted file, so this is being shared, "AS IS". 

Original Source file:

THEJESTR - Owner, Founder and Leader 
56515 - Admin 
denisshtefan - Admin 
NJDaeger - Admin 
Aa60665 - Admin 

ObstrudentHam - Supervisor 
xpowerx5005 - Supervisor
Saiwon2 - Supervisor
Bluecolty - Supervisor 

AustinNDS - Architect 
Agentixc - Architect
1blubberboy1 - Architect
_Danes - Architect

Thursday, January 12, 2017

MInetest Easy to Use ATM

Here's a quick view of the (More Machines Mod) ATM for Minetest. It's for decorative and easy use, just swipe the credit card and $10 come out. An ATM sign is included, and all items are available in the inventory.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Minetest Claw Game

This is a work in progress, still need to tweak the prizes.  I'm hoping to start a coin game and get them both out together. 

Special thanks to my brother who helped me with losing.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Converting Minecraft to Minetest

I just found a great and handy tool for converting Minecraft worlds to Minetest, the how-to can be read at Original post plus Linux command lines found here:

I have heaps of old Minecraft world saves, though they're mostly not my original builds, I was wanting to convert them over for a while.  I'm new to this, so every new helpful tool I discover makes me pretty happy.

I guess I could make the world saves into .mts files also, so that they could be shared.